We have grown as a manufacturer and supplier of metal fittings to shoe industry. Our products' range includes: decorative metals fitting, eyelets & hooks, nylon fittings & rubber logos, sky hook & loop fasteners, elastics tapes, nylon tapes, hot melt cement rolls, PU & rubber adhesives, hardeners & primers, moontex insoles sheets, toe puff & counter stiffeners, holograms, Loop Fasteners, Toe Puff & Counter Stiffeners, Moontex Insoles Sheets, Hardeners & Primers, Decorative Metal Fittings, Eyelets & Hooks, Nylon Fittings & Rubber Logos, elastic tapes, Nylon Tapes & Cotton Tapes, Hot Melt Cement Rolls, PU & Rubber Adhesives.;...Read More

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Address: No. 8/373, Prakashwanti Palace, Hing Ki Mandi
State: Uttar Pradesh
City: Agra